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Rexcel Water based conversion coating

Well it’s been  now nearly two months since I have placed the panels coated with the water based conversion varnish in the shower and they are still looking great with no signs of coating degradation or lamination. I would say that is pretty conclusive as to there water shedding abilities.

I had a minor issue with the product doing a little fish eye when I sprayed it over  a wet stain that had not been allowed to dry long enough. That is hardly any surprise and expect to find some contamination from the two different chemicals. I would suggest you let stains and glazes dry fully befor coating over the top of them. I was in a hurry trying to pack all I could in on a demonstrations and the fish eye was the result. ( which was worse than if I had just come back the next day!)

Interestingly, I now have a commercial entertainment park using this material to coat over their walls to act as a clear coat that is more durable and washable than the paint.  I have confirmed with the chemist who designed the material that is can be used out side and will hold up to the elements. It does not howerver have UV blocking agents in it so while the coating won’t yellow the wood or stains under the coating if they are not light fast will fade or yellow over time.


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  1. hi Greg
    We are useing a water based lacquer and have found on moving parts like table legs, or wood parts bolted together
    they have a squeak, have you seen this before.
    we make portable wood tables.

    thanks lee k.

    Comment by lee ketterman | March 15, 2010

  2. Hi Lee,
    I have seen thing squeak but not specifically with water base lacquers there are several solutions one of which is a felt disk inbetween the parts that are squealing. the other thing I would say is that with water base materials you have to let them cure well, does this problem continue after 30 days?

    Comment by Greg Saunders | April 7, 2010

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