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More on the subject of Anti Graffiti coatings


Having begun this trail of research I have acquired a little more information on the subject of anti Graffiti coatings, This time from the source it’s self,  the technical consultant of  the Monopole Coatings  following is a brief synopsis of the different categories of graffiti coatings. IF you are interested in purchasing any of these products you can contact me, Greg Saunders either at 818-439-9297 or through email at greg@annexpaint.com you can also purchase any of these product  from our on line store at: www.annexpaint.com

In the coatings industry there are three categories/levels of graffiti coatings: Sacrificial, Non Sacrificial, and Permanent. These types of coatings are ideal for bare or painted:

 Concrete, masonry, wood, stucco, aluminum, metal, EIFS, murals, signs and many other surfaces.

 Monopole Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty coatings, offers the most environmentally friendly versions of each system while boasting a “Super Compliant” classification by the stringent AQMD: 

  1. Sacrificial:
    1. Permashield Sacrificial Lasts for 1 graffiti removal.
  2. Non-Sacrificial:
    1. Permashield Non Sacrificial Lasts for 3-5 graffiti removals.
  3. Permanent:
    1. Permashield Premium 10-Year warranty for unlimited graffiti removals. 

Each of the above systems is tailored to address the needs of different customers. If someone doesn’t expect to get graffiti-tagged more than once a year a sacrificial type coating is ideal. This inexpensive easy to maintain type of system is generally a wax base. Each time you are tagged, the stain cures inside the coating. Then you remove/sacrifice the coating (with the embedded graffiti) by either using a warm pressure washer (130-190º F) or a solution like Monopole’s Citrus Clean.  Once removed, the area of the wall is once again bare and needs to be recoated with a graffiti resistant product. Some benefits of Monopoles’ Permashield Sacrificial  are: 

  • 0 VOC and USDA approved for food contact
  • Water Based
  • Very Low Odor
  • Clear
  • Matte
  • Acts as a water repellent
  • Easy to apply and maintain using Citrus Clean or a warm pressure washer (130-190º F)
  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance    
  • Caltrans approval for use number: 08-08-018
  • Qualifies for Earning LEED credits for Environmental Quality
  • Conforms to the environmental regulations for all 50 states and the cities within 

The next step up in graffiti protection is a non-sacrificial product like Monopoles’ Permashield Non-Sacrificial.  This type of coating is generally a modified acrylic that is good for 3-5 graffiti removals. If a person experiences graffiti on a quarterly basis, or would like a cost efficient system for multiple tagging removals this is ideal. To remove graffiti just spray the surface with a solution cleaner like Monopoles’ Citrus Clean  and scrub away the graffiti like you would brush your teeth. Once the 3-5 removals have taken place, just reapply and you are back to full strength. Some added benefits of Monopoles’s Permashield Non Sacrificial are: 

  • Resists graffiti for 3-5 removal cycles
  • Low VOC <30 g/l
  • Water based
  • VeryLow Odor
  • Clear
  • Gloss or Low Gloss
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance
  • Caltrans approval for use number: 08-08-019
  • Qualifies for Earning LEED credits for Environmental Quality
  • Conforms to the environmental regulations for all 50 states and the cities within 

The highest level of protection in the war against graffiti is a permanent graffiti system like Monopoles’ Permashield Premium System.  This system boasts an industry leading 10-year graffiti removal warranty while having the lowest possible toxicity of 0 VOC (also USDA approved for food contact). For theses reasons this system has been awarded the prestigious exclusive/non competition specification as the “only non-sacrificial (permanent falls under this category) anti-graffiti system that can be applied to all (968) of the LAUSD schools.” (http://www.monopoleinc.com/html/bulletin.pdf). The benefits of this system are: 

  • 10-year graffiti removal warranty
  • 0 VOC and USDA approved for food contact 
  • Highest level of chemical resistance
  • Water based
  • Very Low Odor
  • Clear or Pigmented
  • Matte (< 5º sheen) or Gloss ( 90º)
  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance
  • LAUSD exclusive specification as the only non-sacrificial type system that can be used on all 968 schools. (http://www.monopoleinc.com/html/news.html)
  • Caltrans approval for use number: 08-09-017
  • Qualifies for Earning LEED credits for Environmental Quality
  • Conforms to the environmental regulations for all 50 states and the cities within 
Hollenbeck Police Station- Permashield Premium

Hollenbeck Police Station Permashield Premium Application”


Through understanding the different levels of graffiti protection, we can all be ahead of the curve in the battle against undeterred taggers. No building is safe in today’s’ world which is evident by even the Hollenbeck Police Station (left) choosing to apply the Permashield Premium System.  

We can send a clear message to “graffiti artists” when they return to the tagging sights and see their work/defacement completely removed: “Don’t waste your time tagging/abusing our neighborhood.” It will take some time and effort, but together we can take control of this epidemic.



If you would like a site consultation for your project you can contact me  dirrectly at 818-439-9297  or throught Email: greg@annexpaint.com

Greg Saunders
Annex paint

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