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How you apply lacquer to plastic or glass

Lacquer Plastic and or Glass ?? How would you do that?

Simple, use and adhesion promoter, and what is an adhesion promoter you ask. This is a product that has been around the automotive paint industry for sometime, It has made it’s rise to fame in the auto industry with the advent of the rubber bumper. Painting rubber bumpers is a trick as you need something that is going to stick to the plastic be pliable and then match the paint job on the car.  

 That being said the makers of the water based conversion varnish have come up with and excellent adhesion promoter, called “Mustang” The automotive guys seem to love it and I was of the mind that I wouldn’t have that much use for it but Low and behold I has a custom cabinet shop come to me with a unique problem.

Their customer ordered high end cabinetry from Italy and made a mistake on the color so they need the color changed, OK no problem, good work for some finisher but wait the doors are a thermal foil vinyl coating. What do you do? Yup, Use the Mustang adhesion promoter. 

 Two coats sprayed on from an aerosol can let them dry for a few minutes and the lay on your coatings, in this case I was spraying the centurion water based conversion varnish as you can see in this picture.

the use of adhesion promoters for painting plastic and glass

As you can see there is a profile in the panel making sanding all but impossible despite that the paint stuck like glue.  I built this up with light coats but it only took my three light coats to do what you seen here. I used a 1.7 mm siphon feed gun with about 30 psi of pressure, just enough to get the materials to atomize.

 Once the coating was dried if wouldn’t lift or peel. I was able to scrap it off with a knife and even with that it didn’t peel.

 The Mustang and the Centurion water based conversion coating are available from my store as well as will be available on line at  http://annexpaint.com web site soon.

 Greg Saunders
Annex Paint

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  1. Your article is really usefull. Informative and easy to be understand.
    It help us to know more about finishing.


    Comment by wisno | November 21, 2010

  2. Thansk for the feed back, I’m very happy to be of assistance let me know if there is and area of finishing that you would like more understanding of.

    Comment by Greg Saunders | November 23, 2010

  3. Thx Greg
    Good info.
    Phil @ ViKing Engineering

    Comment by phil king | June 13, 2015

  4. can you use lacquer on acrylic paint without it running or distorting as im making a cosplay item and want to waterproof it with the lacquer

    Comment by Adrian Kearley | February 17, 2018

  5. You can, but waterproof is a relative term Lacquer per se isn’t a water proof product. I assume that you were referring to Lacquer in the general sense, Technically you would want a single component urethane in a spray can. or if you have the skills or have some one to do it for you get the product and put it in a spray gun. For real water proofing you would want a 2 component urethane. two component being that you have a part A and a part B that you have to mix together Automotive urethanes are the best, and you can generally spray those over an acrylic paint. start out with a few really light coats first, let them dry and then do more with that you are building a barrier to the acrylic paint. IF you just Hose it on it can make the paint run.
    Best of luck

    Comment by Greg Saunders | February 17, 2018

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