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The Kremlin Air Assisted Airless Spray gun video demonstration

This  is a phenomenal spray gun that I have previously not paid enough attention to.  The great benefit of this tool is the increased transfer efficiency or percentage of materials which are making it to the target. With conventional airless you have about a 60% efficiency meaning that you have lost as much as 40% of your paint to the atmosphere and or your spray booth filters. With the Air-assisted airless the transfer efficiency is about 85 % so you are wasting  25% less of your paint.  This  would mean that for every 100 dollar pail of lacquer you are buying  you are saving  about 20 to 25 dollars. That is a savings that can quickly add up and pay for the rig.

In-essence it is pumping the paint out with an airless pump but it uses two opposing  streams of air to atomize the paint  much like a cup or gravity feed spray gun. With the combination of the air,  less pressure is needed to get the paint out and so more of your paint goes on the thing you are painting and less of your paint bounces off the surface and into the air.

The other benefit is that is applies the materials with less force and so give you a smoother finish, in the following video Jody Toole has been using an airless sprayer but was having some troubles with bubbling on the first coat, this was being caused by too much pressure resulting in the materials foaming when they impacted with the surface of the panel. he solved this by backing down the pressure and holding his gun further away, while that solved the bubbling it gave and even lower transfer efficiency and the material did not flow out as well. With the Kremlin all these issues were resolved.

The cost of the whole rig is about 2700 bucks and that is a little pricy but depending on how muc you spray you’ll have paid for it in savings on materials, which by the way are getting  more expensive by the day with rising gas prices.

For note: Jody is spraying the CIC low VOC acrylic lacquer which is, in essence a cab acrylic on steroids  for those of you that may have used such a thing in the past,  it is 160 gr/lt. VOC,  it is low odor and it won’t yellow.  This is the same product featured elsewhere on the blog that the Church of Scientology’s new Los Angeles and Pasadena church furniture are coated in.


I sell the Kremlin so if you are in my neighborhood call me and we can get together for a demo if not you can look them up on-line and find the nearest dealer. There are other companies that have air assisted air less equipment as well.

Since this article Jody has gone off and done a few more video demos and so I though I would add them to this posting  so that you could see some other demonstrations of the rig.


I welcome your comments.


Greg Saunders
Annex Paint

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  1. Looks like a great set up. It’s a bit rich for my blood, as I don’t do THAT much finishing, but I can see where someone using a machine like this day in and day out would be GREAT!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Jason | April 13, 2011

  2. Yea, it is a bit pricey. If you saved $25 a pail of lacquer it would pay for it’s self 108 pails later. That would be about 540 gallon of lacquer, at 4, 5 gallon pails a month ( what a medium shop goes through when they are cranking) that would be 22 months or a little under 2 years. when you are spraying that much it makes real good sense. Conversely you could consider that in two years of spraying with an airless you are throwing away $2700 worth of paint.

    Comment by Greg Saunders | April 13, 2011

  3. i just bought a graco 390 AAA with their g40 gun…. I am not fully pleased with how clear waterbornes lay down and wondering if your gun is compatible with my system and would make my clear waterbornes lay down better. I am more concerned with the best finish rather than the cost of an additional gun. Nice work by the way.

    Comment by franc | April 24, 2011

  4. HI Frank,
    I left a comment on the YouTube site but then ran out of room to finish was a was going to say, and that is I have seen the air assisted airless pumps “sheer” the waterborne materials and leave the finish very grainy. I discovered this phenomena a few years ago while doing a Demonstration with the Kremlin and a w/B product. the finish was horrible, the demo needless to say was a failure. When I contacted the chemist of the company materials I was using he told me that the Suction and compression of the pump actually “sheer” the materials on a molecular level. This doesn’t seem to occur with solvent materials. The chemist when on to recommend a bigger pump on the rig with a lower compression ratio. That was too much hassle so I just went back to the cup gun at the time. All that being said if it’s just a matter of a little orange peel then you need to reduce or retard the materials. what materials are you using and what is the compression ratio on your pump. If you are in the La area I have the number of the Graco rep who might have more to say on this matter.

    Comment by Greg Saunders | April 24, 2011

  5. Thanks for responding, the specs say 5/8 hp motor at max working pressure AA 2600 psi (180 bar) and atomizing air output is 3.5 cm.
    I was using two products. one is cloverdale’s Timberlox waterborne polycarbonate varnish recoat in 2 hrs and 26% solids. 4-6 mils wet- It looked like hell going on but levelled out looked ok/pretty good dry.
    The other product was Sunfast exterior waterborne wood finish.36% solids recoat in 1 hr. 3.6-5.4 mils wet. I couldn’t get it to spray worth a damn and so gave up on it
    I am in BC Canada and hard to find a graco rep locally who can actually spray.
    Thanks again

    Comment by franc | April 24, 2011

  6. Hi, there is another stastic on your airless and that is the compression ratio on the pump with the Kremlin I was demonstrating it was 14 to 1 compression and that was a little too much for the Gemini titanium products. If you are getting a good lay out with the Timberlox then I would say that the compression ratio isn’t your problem. I don’t know either of those products and so couldn’t tell you much about them. I would suggest contacting the manufacture and talking with some one that knows the product. Call them and be patient and work your way up through the secretarial and the sales people to someone that Knows the product, sometimes you can get straight to the chemist who may be willing to work for you. With a good company they’ll give you the time and help you out. What was the trouble you were encountering when you were spraying? It might be just a matter of thinning the materials out a little to get them to come out of the gun, or you could be using too small a tip.

    If you want and are really interested in figuring it out you can do a little video of what you are encountering and then post it on YouTube, It is very simple. All the videos you see on my site were recorded with my cell phone and up loaded directly to YouTube.

    Comment by Greg Saunders | April 25, 2011

  7. I would paint all the 6 panel wooden doors in my home that are now stained. I dread the brush strokes! A airless sprayer would be a dream come true.

    Comment by Jennifer Barrett | March 24, 2016

  8. they are pricy but they are the best, for note the Graco airless sprayer is on par with the Kremlin 40% less expensive and made in America. I saw a demonstration recently and they have come up to speed.

    Comment by Greg Saunders | March 25, 2016

  9. Hey Greg Saunders,
    If you are still involved with Kremlin spray pumps, I would like to get your feedback on something. Is there a way to contact you directly? Thank you very much.

    Larry Fitzgerald
    Superior Cabinetry and Millwork
    Rutledge, Georgia

    Comment by superiorcabinetry | May 24, 2016

  10. HI Larry,

    you are welcome to call me at 818-439-9297 to answer your question I have use and sold the Kremlin for years and love it the grakos and other American manufactures are now up to par with Kremlin in terms of spray quality and are less expensive and easier to get parts for. you are welcome to call and or email me greg@annexpaint.com

    Comment by Greg Saunders | May 25, 2016

  11. Hey Greg,
    Thank you for getting back with me. I will give you a call soon and ask you some questions about my Kremlin 20:25 pumps. Are you familiar with the size of pumps that I have? I know a lot of people have the 10:14 pumps, but mine are 20:25. If I don’t call you before this weekend, I hope that you have a great Memorial Day weekend! Thanks again and I will talk to you soon.

    Larry Fitzgerald

    Comment by superiorcabinetry | May 25, 2016

  12. HI Larry,
    I look forward to your call, I’m most familiar with the 10:14 and the 15:25 hopefully I can answer your questions id not I can generally find someone who does know.

    Comment by Greg Saunders | May 25, 2016

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