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CIC Centurion Arylic Lacquer


This is a realitivly undiscovered product that I’m suprized hasn’t caught on like wild fire so I thought I would do a little more promtoing of it. Orgianlly it was manufactured and sold through Renner, they discontined it as  there main line has been with the water based materials. Then CIC in texas picked it up, they improved the formual and have exported it under there label. the main advantages are:

  • Its low VOC.
  • Low oder.
  • Sprays easily.
  • As hard as a pre-Cat lacquer.
  • Self sealing.
  • Sands easily.
  • Doesn’t Yellow.

You do not want to put it over another product i.e. recaoting old funiture that has and existing if old finish on it. The Resins are different and my  react.

Here is a video of Jody Toole using the acrylic lacquer with the Krimlin.


The Los Angeles Church of Scientlogy in Hollywood California renovated there building last year and used this product. After a year of use it is still looking brand new.


CIC, Centurion Acrylic Lacquer

April 21, 2011 - Posted by | Acrylic Lacquer, Wood finishing

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