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waterbase polyurethane on cabinets

Eric Reason was on the search for a good 2K ( 2 component ) water based polyurethane for cabinetry, CIC had discontinued theirs due to lack of volume sales We have other possibilities in the works but in the mean time I got to thinking of something else that I sell that might do the job and that was the Monopole Permashield 200, It is a phenomenal 2k product for concrete and has been used as an anti-graffiti product for years, in fact the big brother of the Permashiled 200, Permshield Premium which  is one of the top, if not the top water based anti graffiti coating  in the country.

Anyway, the permashield has never really been marketed to the cabinetry industry so it is and undiscovered product in the industry really.  I Sent a gallon of this product to Eric to test out and the following video is his take on the product.

If you are interested in something like this you can contact me at: greg@annexpaint.com or visit my web site at http://www.annexpaint.com

Eric is a phenomenal cabinet maker and finisher  who always looking to improve his products you can find him on facebook, twitter and at his web site


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