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Changes in the VOC limitations for Lacquer thinners in the South coast area

New rules re: lacquer thinners from the AQMD.

 Compliant solvents, AQMD Rule 1143 consumer paint thinners & multi-purpose solvents (applicable for the Los Angles and southern California area.)

 As of Jan 1, 2010 the legal amount of VOCs the South Coast Air Quality Management District  will allow  you to have in your lacquer and paint thinners has changed and has gone down from 600 grams per liter to 300 gr/lt, , in 2011 the legal VOC are going to go down to 25 grams per liter. You can see the complete ruling on the AQQMD site at: http://www.aqmd.gov/rules/reg/reg11/r1143.pdf

 What this means to the consumer here in southern California, you now have to buy the legal stuff, further more, there is wording in the new ruling stating  that you have to keep records of where you bought your materials and the retailers from whom you bought your materials  have to keep record of who they sold materials to. There is a grace period where retailers and manufactures can sell off the stock they have of the materials manufactures in 2009.  However there is language in this ruling which  targets the retailers with fines as well as the end users for supplying solvents that are no longer legal. Previously, the AQMD only targeted the end user, now however they are getting tougher on retailers who sell non compliant materials.

 I called around and ask the managers of a few other paint stores in the area and they knew nothing about the matter, while they may not get hit with this right away they are potentially subject to fines.

 ANNEX PAINT store is now stocking compliant lacquer thinner. We have two manufactures who have compliant thinners and have a lacquer thinner that is now less expensive than the old thinner was. So far the reports I have gotten back on the material are that it is working OK, the true test is going to how well it performs in the California Summer.

 Worthy of note on the subject  we now have a  new  compliant glazing liquid  to replace the naphtha which a lot of shops have been using to make there own stains with, the Naphtha now being and illegal solvent.

 This product has been a real success as it can be used in-between lacquer coats and will not lift the earlier treatments. This is a key element when you are building a multi step finish.

 If you have comments on the new compliant thinners I would like to hear from you on how well it performs.


 Greg Saunders
Wood coating Rep

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