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Water based grain Filler from CIC demo

For years I have been asking for a clear grain filler and for the years I have been looking the only true Clear grain filler I found was an Ultra Violet cured product, while a great product it was out of realm of the regular cabinet guy. Then CIC came up with this product that is all the things I was looking for. It is water based and dries quickly, ( all water based products are temperature and humidity sensitive) This is a product that I have wanted to get a demo video up on for some time.
My wife wanted a simple black box that she was going to put in a closet, it wasn’t going to be seen that much and so didn’t have to be fancy, I had some salvaged oak ply in the shed and so decided to make it out of that. then I had the idea to use the water based grain filler on it to spruce it up and have something for the blog, Long story short I spent way more time doing the finishing on something that is going into the Closet than I should have. that being said I home video is of some value to any one interested in the product.

About the Product:
It is water based and comes in a can it is thick and has the consistency of seriously thick ketchup or bril-cream hair gel (that dates me). You apply it with a spreader or wide putty knife. you don’t want a build you want to spread it around and fill grain any extra you have on the surface, you’ll have to sand off and it gets hard. Lay it on, let it dry and sand all the excess off. This is not a top coat it is not a coating it is a filler so you have to sand down to the wood, depending on the dept of the grain yo may have to do the process again and sand again. once you have filled the grain you can apply your sealer and top coat. SO far I have only used this with water based top coats I have not tried it under a solvent lacquer. should work fine I just haven’t tried that one. the one thing that I would say about that would be that you would want to be very dry first other wise any water/moisture off gassing is going to blush your clear coat.

The other question is at what point do you stain, That the tricky part IF you stain first and you are then sanding down to the wood you are inevitably going to be sanding into your stain. IF you sand afterword you stain in not going to penetrate well. The Trick is when you have filled the grain then sand down deep enough so that you are sanding wood. In other words, if the wood was the land and mountains and the valleys and gorges were the depth of the grain then you would want to sand down to the point that you were cutting the tops of the mountains off. And then apply your stain. If you haven’t sanded that down evenly then your stain coating is going to be uneven.

following this I’ll have a few other video demos of spraying the Black CIC water based Conversion coating on where you see the difference that the grain fill makes.

Ok and here is the video of the application:

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Anti Graffiti paint

“Permashield premium,” by Monopole, a locally manufactured, zero VOC, Water based, FDA approved, anti graffiti is the best that I have found available on the market to day.  And that’s amazing as I usually find that the good stuff is always manufactured some where else, like Europe and hard to get.

 I have been experimenting with the different Monopole products now for about a year and have subjected them to some rigorous testing. The Perma Shield premium is the top of the line coating Anti graffiti coating that has been approved as the only produt to use by several different orginizations.

There are two types of anti Graffiti coatings; one is referred to as sacrificial meaning it comes off easily and so when you have been tagged you easily wash off the tag job and a layer of paint which is designed to come off easily. As you might imagine you have to then re-coat the wall with the sacrificial paint. The paint is inexpensive but your labor may not be.

  The other type of anti Graffiti coating is so hard that the spray paint doesn’t stick. And that’s a hard finish! When our 15 year old, intellectually challenged Einstein has nothing better to do than express himself on the side of your building. You simply wash it off.

 So the next question become how long does it last?

 On a wall that was properly prepped primed and coated I have seen the Perma Shield last for 200 scrubbings. I have seen other brands begin to break down in less than 5 scrubbings, despite there PR and advertising. (Names with held to hide the guilty, and spare me from law suits)

 This is also the only product that the LA school district has approved for its walls

 This product is FDA approve for use in food coating area as well.

 I’m going to be running a new category on Anti Graffiti coatings and would like to have commentary from customers and users alike on this matter.

 As you might imagine I sell this product and would be happy to come out and see your application and or help you with your needs.

 I would like to have some more testimonials with pictures of people using this product and or any other product that works well as an anti Graffiti coating.

As and independent paint and coatings sales Rep I have to know what it is that I’m selling to people and businesses Shameful to say I have had a lot of salesmen miss inform me about there products so long ago I began doing my own testing to see what really worked and what didn’t. Coatings, any coating whether on industrial steel or on fin furniture do two things, they protect what ever it is they are covering and they add an aesthetic. Lacquers are primarily aesthetic.  Anti Graffiti coatings are for protection.


Greg Saunders
Annex Paint

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Water based Conversion Varnish



RENNER, an Italian manufacturer of water based lacquers and polyurethanes.  has just come out with a Water-based conversion varnish that is a single stage material. Interesting. theoretically it’s tougher than an pre-Catalyzed Lacquer and not as expensive as a polyurethane I have been given a small amount of the material to test out If you are interested in trying someand are in the LA SO Cal area send me a line and I’ll see if I can’t get you some to try. So far I have been very impressed with the performance of the Renner line of products and would like to hear back from others who have used the material Your Successes and your failures I want to her  it all, Thanks


7450 Reseda Blvd.

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