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Cardinal Clear Polyester Grain Filler

Here is a little back yard video of sanding down the Cardinal polyester base coat, which follows the earlier video of the spraying of the product. As you can see it sands phenomenally well. This product is used when need a Clear, full grain fill,  super flat finish. Table tops, conference, tables doors etc.

There is a famous recording artist  living in the Hollywood hills whose kitchen is all done in a High Gloss super high polished white polyester/polyurethane coating. a little bright for my tastes but the customer got what she paid for and loved it.

There was a similar coating made by Ellis/Pinnacle that I have demonstrated earlier on this blog, sadly that company was bought out by Axalta and they did away with the polyester coatings ( and a number of other favorites coatings of mine) and so for the last few months I have been on the search for a replacement product and company. Cardinal Paint, a local company has answered my prayers for such a product. This product and others can be bought at http://www.annexpaint.com If the product you are looking for is not on the site you can contact me directly at Info@annexpaint.com

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